Top 5 US Road Trips for Travellers

Hitting the open road is the epitome of freedom. A tank of gas, the window wound down, music on – what could be better?


The USA is made for the road trip. Diverse and stunning landscapes, linked by great road networks, mean it’s easy to travel around the country and see so much more than you would on a regular holiday. Of course, safety must come first, so it’s always worthwhile looking into weather conditions, road issues etc, and stocking up on necessities, such as water and food, before you drive off.


So, which are the best road trips? Well, it depends where you want to see, but these five are jam-packed with stunning sights.


Pacific Coast Highway, California

For anyone who finds their soul singing a beach song, this is the road trip for you. Hugging close to soaring cliff tops, the Pacific Ocean glittering mere feet away, this is a road trip to remember, along the sunny California coast. Also known as State Route 1, the road links Santa Monica, Santa Cruz and San Francisco, and runs through Big Sur, with huge coastal parks to explore.


Route 66

This is a dead cert on any road trip list the world over, not just for the USA. Forever linked with history, migration and freedom, Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, was one of the original US highway roads, opening in the 20s. Running right through the heart of the country, originally linking such cities as Chicago, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, and Santa Monica, amongst many others, some of the original road is now different, yet you can still travel along some of it.


Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia & North Carolina

Heading through mountains, lush green scenery, and waving at the passing wildlife, you will travel along 469 miles of the best of Mother Nature. The Blue Ridge Parkway links the Virginia and North Carolina states, as well as the Appalachian Mountains; I’m sure you can imagine the beauty of this.


Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Another heart-land road trip, this is 75 miles packed with beauty and scenery. Linking Oregon and The Dalles, right through the Columbia River Gorge, this is not only very easy on the eye, but steeped in history to take in as you go. Do a little pre-reading before you go, to truly appreciate what you’re seeing and experiencing.


Highway 12

Maybe little known, but unfairly so because this road trip choice is just as beautiful as any other. Linking Bruce Canyon National Park to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah, this is famous for the rock formations you’ll see along the way, which glow in the sunset and sunrise. You’ll also see canyons, forests and lakes, in fact just about every kind of landscape you would expect in this part of the world, with added wow factor.

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